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Lomonosov porcelain founder - Dmitry Vinogradov

Lomonosov porcelain was originated by Dmitry (Ivanovich) Vinogradov,
who was born approximately1720 (exact date is unknown) in the Russian city of Suzdal, an Orthodox-church center , at which his father was a priest.
Both Dmitry and his brother, Yakov, were educated at the school of Zaikonospassky monaster, Moscow.
At the end of 1735 both brothers were sent to the
Petersburg school of Academy of Sciences of the Russian Empire because they showed great potential in science.
In 1736, the Academy of Science chose a few young persons
to be honoured abroad with an education in Chemistry and Metals.

Those few turned to be :
  • - Michail Lomonosov, Russian scientist, who created the Periodical table of Chemical Elements, wrote well-known books on physiology, and created the modern Russian vodka recipe. Also, Lomonosov is believed to have been the illegitimate son of Czar Peter The Great.
  • - Hustav Ulrich Raizer
  • - Dmitry Vinogradov, who was just 16 years old at the time.
    All three were sent to Europe for education.
    All three were reported to the Russian crown as persons who were somewhat unruly, but they did not forget about their education, so they progressed far their studies.
    Once they returned, Dmitry Vinogradov was given rank of captain, and he wanted to be Marksheider.
    However, Russian Czarina Elizabeth, great lover of China, had different ideas and immediately changed the order and ordered Vinogradov to create the first Russian porcelain.
    At that time, the German `arcanist` (from Latin `arcanum` - one who holds the hidden truth), Gunger, tried to obtain porcelain for the Russian court, at the newly - established porcelain manufacturer
    (the modern Lomonosov factory).
    But he was not successfull, thus Czarina decided to replace him.
    The secret of Porcelain was unknown to Vinogradov, but He began his job.
    For a few years he tried different ways and obtained many results, but still no good china.
    Vinogradov?ís complex personality, chaotic way of life, and his slavery-like job all contributed to his drinking problem.
    The Russian court decided to force Vinogradov to find the way to make this special procelain.
    First he was arrested and forced to remain at the factory (near where the porcelain was fired) night and day.
    He was told that he could not return home until the desired porcelain was produced.
    He did His job 24 hours per day, even to the point of sleeping at the factory. Finally he created the first Russian porcelain.
    Even this was not enough for Czarina. She decided that the porcelain secret should be guarded jealously from foreigners.
    As if that were not enough, she demanded that the porcelain even should be made much better.
    Vinogradov demanded to be allowed to live at home.
    But they chained Him into a circuit. He was not allowed even to step from where the porcelain was fired.
    The Porcelain was improved upon; in fact, by the end of the 18th century it was the best porcelain in Europe.
    Unfortunately, Dmitry Vinogradov did not survive the harsh conditions.
    He died on August 22, 1758, a young man, in chains,
    right at the factory, very near the great china he created.

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