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Russian art - origins

Russian art has long history.
But, before we will start to discuss its achievements let us see its mediaeval roots.
Russian art and culture is, in fact, mix of many other cultures.
Moreover, nation "Russian" strictly said, not existant.
Russia is mix of over 200 nations and their cultures, but for westerner,
Tartarian are Russians, Russian Jews are Russians too as well as Altai native tribes, closely related with Tibetians, are Russians too.
Traces of older cultures are still visible in art and everyday life of Russia.
And it is culture and language which make it possible to name all that - so different people, Russians.

So let us come to roots.
Unfortunately roots are not well known cause many tribes who lived at modern Russian territories was nomadic.
Hunns, Gots, Scifians, Khazars and in fact almost any of all other ancient ancestors of modern europeans lived in Russian steppes before Kievan Rus, Old Ladoga and Novgorod centers of Russia appeared.
It is well known, however, that 3 older civilizations have affected creation of that centers most of all.
It is Vikings, who later became first Russian Princes, and later, Czars - at North of Russia.
It is Byzantine Empire at West
And it is Khazars kingdom - at South and East
Traces of many other cultures and Religions can be founded as well
At modern days Staraya Ladoga and Novgorod cities one can still see signs of Vikings culture.
And in modern day Russian items, like birchwood hair-slide, same traces can be cleary seeing.
Older Russian ships was in fact, copies of Vikings Drakars.
That was ships Russian Prince Oleg conquered Byzanthine and took wife, there, in exchange for peace and religion.
Byzanthine Empire gave Orthodoxol Church and Architecture
Double sided eagle, blason of Russia, was first known as "Paliologos eagle" - blazon of Byzanthine Empire.
One still can find traces of Khazarian culture in Russian fairy tales and traditional images of fairy tales characters
Russian word "Mir" - the name for everything existant, name for peace and name for community of inhabitants - has clear traces in Mythra, main god of indo-iranian mythraism religion.
Russian Samovars has its traces in ancient Chinesean and Tibetian culture


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