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The Rostov enamel

Russian enamel has long history.
It is known enamel was popular in Kievan Rus and came to Russia from Bysantine (East Rome ) empire.
Enamels art was acquired by Byzantine from ancient Greece.
In Russia, Byzantine style enamel on silver named "finift". This word originates from Greek "fingitis", that means - light bright stone.
There was many historical centers of Byzantine - style enamels at ancient Russia, but at 18th century Rostov city became most known and it is still known for its outstanding ancient - style enamels.
The Rostov enamel - products with tiny painting on the enamels being a traditional Russian national art craft. One of the most interesting and bright kinds of tiny painting who always concerned to elite kinds of art. Elite, exclusive character of enamel miniatures is defined on the one hand by high picturesque skill of the artist on enamel, and with another - extremely difficult and labour-intensive process of their manufacturing.

As basis finift products the copper plate which is cut out in the sizes and the form of the future product serves. After clearing metal on it enamel - special glassview weight, reduce in a powder is rendered. The plate after that is located in mufel a furnace and burns. The enamel powder covers with a thin layer all plate and is strongly alloyed with it. But this layer not even also is very thin, therefore process of drawing of enamel and its subsequent roasting repeats some times.
It was Rostov and other ancient - style Byzantine enamels which inspired Karl Faberge to produce His well - known royal style enamels on gold and silver.
This style is still alive and items in Faberge Style still produced at St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russian enamel - Byzantine finift
Russian enamel


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